Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pro-Life, Angel with baby

9 x 12 inches
(Ready to frame)
Mixed media on hardboard

Interference colors shine at a different angles:
This painting has some glitter and interference paint added to it. It shines when you look at it from different angles. I only captured some of the shine on the second image. It was hard to photograph.
Some have said we are born to die, but I believe we are born to live. Our flesh will die, but who we really are, our personality and our spirit, will live forever.
I was thinking about the many babies that are in heaven. Some died and some were aborted. I think it will be a wonderful day of forgiveness and healing when parents are reunited with them. I wanted to express the angel as neither male nor female, (masculine shoulders, and mid length hair) and aslo the tenderness and care the babies must receive. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is full of such as these.
Angels leave tokens of their existence from time to time. Sometimes it is in the form of glitter or precious gem stones. I have a small blue diamond that they left for me at church among some red glitter that was not there when I arrived. I have seen gold glitter appear also. It is an amazing site!

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bj said...

Thank you for your heartfelt message here. The '08 elections are coming soon. Too often people vote with their purses (the economy) but I always vote for life (the candidate who is against abortion...the spilling of innocent blood). And I, too, think of all the babies.

Fawn said...

Thanks BJ.


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