Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fishing the Edge, wildlife art, heron

"Fishing the Edge"

About This Painting:
This tri-colored heron stayed with us on the rim canal a couple of weeks ago. We were fishing along the edge and he was too! But, he caught way more than we did. He would fly up ahead a little and walk the shore. It was fun to watch him look back at us again and again, almost like he was saying, "Hey, do you mind?'
I took some photos of him, along with a huge alligator and many other birds. I may have a few more paintings of that day to work on! It was our first trip out since Robert's surgery last November. He did fine, so now if he goes out on his own I know it will be alright. (He has been known to take off fishing alone many times in the past, even though he knows he shouldn't.)
Ready to frame.

Media: acrylic on hardboard
Size: 7 in X 5 in (17.8 cm X 12.7 cm)

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