Friday, July 03, 2020

Beaches hand painted on wood

 Heart Beach, 8.5 x 10 inches on wood 

     Beach Shore, 8.5 x 11 on cheese board

I did these just before the Covid19 shut everything down. I never had a chance to post them!
They were interesting and fun to paint.  I wanted the wood grain to become the sand.  I love the wet sand illusion, and the color changes.

I ended up closing my gallery and teaching center because all the art classes were canceled. It was very difficult after 7 years of pouring my life into it.  But it is turning out to be a good thing!

I am renting a room in town to take orders for custom framing because I live quite a ways out of town. I am building the frames at home in my garage.  That has worked out very nicely!  Much better than I expected actually. I also moved the large matting table into my small art studio at my house, so I can still cut mats and glass too.  This makes the corner for my easel a little crowded, but it works.

I am also taking commissioned orders, and creating custom designed paintings for my clients.  I take orders via email or meet at the new office. I am working in my studio at home to paint the animal portraits, vistas, ranches, etc . . . The response has been amazing, I am so blessed to have so many followers and collectors! It has also been surprisingly nice to work at home again!

I miss teaching classes, but I do have some private lessons and semi-private lessons for friends and siblings going on, so that helps.



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