Thursday, June 20, 2019

Broken Bricks Mural, ocean scene

I have been wanting to paint stones or bricks (or something) behind the stove for a few years now.  Once I got started it was really fun.  I decided to break the bricks open so I could look at more than just bricks on the wall while cooking...

My husband wanted birds, so I added the water and some birds!

 Hard to see the angels, but there are two angels in the clouds.  That was my favorite part.

I made the wall look like broken plaster around the bricks to tie it all together.  Just sealed it with two coats of clear sealer.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Beach Sunset, mural

Got most of this mural done in my guest bathroom last fall.  Just added some more finishing touches and decided it is finally complete.   I love the way you can see the palm in the mirror in this shot.

(We've been making repairs and painting walls at my house.  I have discovered muscles in places I didn't know I could have muscles! Not fun at all.  So I had to get some murals going in order to help my feelings!  I have a new one in the kitchen too.  I'll post it soon. Want to make sure I'm finished first.)

The colors are much more intense than the images show.  It was fun!