Friday, July 29, 2022

Love, wall art, beach shoreline at sunset

"Love Shoreline"

Found this wall hanging at a thrift store.  It was a solid dull blue-gray and covered in grime. I cleaned it up, sanded it down, and painted it with lovely sunset colors. Quite satisfying!

  • Exclusive original art
  • Acrylic on wood
  • 19 x 6 inches
  • Painted and sealed with professional materials
  • SOLD

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Tree Tops, cardinals, impressionism

"Tree Tops"

Applied the paint quickly in this painting, for an impressionistic feel.  Actually, I created it years ago but never finished it. I just pulled it out of storage and added the cardinals and more details in the trees and bushes.  

What inspired me?  Those bright yellow greens contrasted by the deep dark shadows.  I went home and did some small thumbnail sketches so I could capture it later when I had time to paint it!


  • Original art
  • Acrylic on hardboard
  • 8 x 10 inches
  • Elaborate gold frame (see below)
  • $375.00 (free shipping in USA)
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Drifting, shoreline on driftwood, mixed media

19 x 6 x 3 inches 

Painting this cool driftwood turned into quite the project.   Love all the layers and holes throughout the piece - adds interesting depth.

Had to be careful while cleaning the fragile pieces of wood. I also used a clear matte sealer to hold it together before adding color.  

Striving to get the wood to resemble sand, I used very little paint in the lower areas.
Finally, I got to add a tiny starfish and some shells in key places! Then I put a final clear coat on it.

~ Hand painted, unique original art
~ Professional materials
~ Nautical d├ęcor
~ Sealed on all sides
~ Ready to hang, or set on a shelf
~ Sold