Thursday, September 01, 2022

Relax 2, carved wood, word art, with sailboat


"Relax, 2"

Painted the sides (and the back).

Walking through thrift stores and sale isles at different outlets, I keep my eyes open for anything made out of wood.  It makes a great base for the effect of transparent water and sand.   Most items have to be cleaned and/or sanded before they can be primed and painted.  I use a clear primer where I want the wood to show through and white where I want bright colors. (Used both for this one, plus a primer for metal on the sailboat.)

This piece caught my attention because I liked the sailboat and because I had painted a coat hanger that said 'relax' in sunset colors which turned out awesome! 

I chose this color scheme for something a little different, plus these are my favorite hues! 

  • Exclusive, original art
  • Acrylic on wood
  • 22L x 3W x 6H inches
  • Sides and back are painted and sealed with professional materials
  • Sold