Friday, October 27, 2023

Breathtaking Impact, Beach sunrise, mixed media,

© Fawn McNeill 2019
"...the breath of the All Mighty gives me life."  Job 33:4

I'm posting this older piece because I haven't painted much in the past few months. I hurt my right hand doing yard work in June. I have used my left hand some and can use my right hand, but it doesn't work like it used to.  The MRI says I have 2 torn tendons (small tears) in my wrist/ hand, and some infection in the bones too... Am trying to get an appointment with an Orthopedic.

I love this painting. It captures that moment of awe that I had that morning as I came around the bend and saw the sun hitting the water at the same time the salt breeze hit my face. 

The painting is built up with Acrylic Gel Medium and Acrylic Modeling Paste for some interesting textures that captured the paint as I dry brushed over it. You can't really see the textures until you view the painting from different angles.  But you can feel it.  The waves and sand follow the highlights and shadows with various textures, but the fence is raised up from the canvas.  It blends in well and is a nice surprise as the texture catches your eye from different angles of view.

18 x 36 inches (plus frame)
Mixed Media
Framed (see below)
$1,500.00 plus shipping  

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