Monday, November 21, 2022

Christmas Pearls, mixed media painted tree

"Christmas Pearls"

How do you find just the right little jewel?  I actually go on treasure hunts at different thrift stores and department stores for the right pieces! I couldn't find a string of pearls the right size, so I had to carefully place each pearl to create the rows. Then I chose different charms, beads, and earrings for the ornaments. 

I laid it all out before adhering everything to the painted tree. Changed my mind a few hundred times! Or so it seems.  I used Liquitex matte gel medium to secure it all one piece at a time.  (No hot glue). 

This tree is smaller than  "Christmas Hope".  It has a similar feel to it with the background snow and glitter paint setting off the jewelry. 

  • Exclusive art 
  • Original mixed media on wood
  • 6 x 12 inches
  • Professional Materials
  • Sealed
  • $190.00 (Free shipping in US)

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    Saturday, November 12, 2022

    Christmas Hope, mixed media on wood

    "Christmas Hope 2"

     I added crosses, flowers, angels, and angel wings from jewelry. The red beads set it all off nicely, and the glitter paint adds extra shimmer to the snow. I love the way these turn out!

    I can't put into words what this piece means to me personally. It goes out with prayers for those who will find comfort in it.

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    • Exclusive art 
    • Original mixed media on wood
    • 14.5 x 7.5 inches
    •  $250.0.00 plus shipping

    Friday, November 11, 2022

    Breakthrough, water lilies, mixed media


    The young flower was coming up under a lily pad. Got some interesting photos of this area while I was out working En Plein Aire (on location).  Originally, I just wanted to capture the warm morning sunlight chasing the cool shadows away.  It made the many shades of green into a feast for the eyes!  But I got carried away with the impasto, hidden critters, and beads. I also added glitter paint here and there for a little extra shimmer in the water.

    The impasto effects are made with heavy gesso and a palette knife. Some of the lily pads, lotus flowers, and the little stick that the snail is on are built up with it.

     The baby turtle is actually a metal charm that I primed with a primer that is made for use on metal (so the paint doesn't peel off).  He was just too shiny to leave unpainted!  I wanted him to blend in more.

    The dragonfly is made from paper clay, which is an air-dry clay with paper fibers added to it for strength. I used a mold to make it. Paper clay is wonderful to work with for mixed media projects. It receives acrylic paint well. I added iridescent paint into hues of blue for his color.

    The snail is made from a resin mold that a friend gave to me. Resin molds are harder to work with and are not easily painted over.  I used a special primer (different than the one used on metal) to get the snail to receive the acrylic paint. Again, I wanted to get him to blend in.

    Gel medium (matte) and acrylic modeling paste were used for adhesives. (I use professional-grade primers, paints, mediums, and sealers for longevity.)

    ~ Exclusive Art
    ~ Original Mixed Media
    ~ Professional Materials
    ~ 8 x 10 inches
    ~ Elaborate Gold Frame (see below)
    ~ $275.00 (Free Shipping in the US)

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