Saturday, February 25, 2017

Winter Marsh, Florida landscape with egrets

"Winter Marsh"

This is an old favorite.  Something about it speaks to me.  Florida winters give way to some fall colors, and the memory of this day is windy and cold.  Well, cold for us is in the 40's, but still, it is a nice change from the normal humid air.  I also like the way the birds are flying out of the picture, you get the sense that they will be gone in a moment.

Acrylic on hardboard
9 x 12 inches

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Great Egret, knife painting

Great Egret,  class demo
9 x 12 inches, acrylic knife painting.
(Not Available)

Donated this painting for one of our raffles for the 
Top of the Lake Art Fest,
 as part of a fund raiser for Okeechobee Main Street, 
who puts on the show every year.

This demo painting for my adult class did not start as a knife painting.  We used brushes as I demonstrated each step.  Then I added more detail to finish it up later and got carried away with the thick chunky paint (using a palette knife) for the bark on the tree.  Did more knife work to the rest of the painting also.  But I used a brush for the soft feathers of the egret, and the flowers.  Love the contrast of the thick and thin applications of paint.

Congrats to Gloria Pitsch for winning this painting!

 Email me at: for information about having your own custom painting created! (Animal portraits, kids with pets or livestock, homesteads, religious themes, etc... )  Price list by size.

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On a personal level; I'm excited to partner with Lynne Barletta, and her Visionary School of Arts in their out reach:  Catch the Wave of Hope!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Healed, inspirational art, beach, girl, angel


Started this painting completely from memory. Made it up as I went along.  (Used reference photos of different children to free-hand the girl onto the painting.) 

This is all about inner healing, accepting yourself, forgiving yourself, and letting go of the past.  But, sometimes we have to deal with the issues and do the hard work to get past it, which this painting really did for me as I struggled with my stormy past.

Lots of symbolism:  The shadow of the cross, the face of Jesus in the sand, a dove hidden in the wave near her head (for the Holy Spirit), an angel dancing in the clouds, the heart shape encircling her, and the storm moving away.

20 x 24 inches
Acrylic on canvas
Not For Sale

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