Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Coming Storm, seascape, knife painting

"Coming Storm"  © Fawn McNeill 2022

This painting started as a demo for one of my children's art classes. We used different tools for different textures.  The clouds were made with crumpled paper towels dipped in paint.  The water and waves were created with a painting knife, and the sand was tapped in with a stippling brush and some knife work.

The support is a mat board that was sealed on both sides with a clear primer before we started.  Some of the dark color of the mat board peeks through.

 Love the way it came together. I went back later and finished it up with more layers and details. 


  • Original art
  • Acrylic on mat board
  • 8 x 11 inches (matted to 11 x 14)
  • Suede mat (see below)
  • Ready to Frame
  • $175.00 (Free Shipping in USA)
Email me for availability or to have something similar created in a size you want!

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A note about framing: Artwork on paper should be framed behind glass with a mat around it to keep it off of the glass and protect it.  This includes photographs and prints on paper.  Those on canvas or wood should not be framed behind glass.  Original oils and acrylics are usually done on canvas or wood and need to breathe.  If they are done on paper or mat board they should be framed behind glass with a mat to keep them off of the glass. (Glass can trap moisture and ruin the artwork.) 

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