Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunset with Rocks, Daily Painting

"Sunset Rocks"
9 x 12 inches
Acrylic on hardboard

This is a study of the rocks. I was fascinated with all the reflected colors. The rocks looked blue and purple! I started out just painting the colors in bold broad strokes, and thought about just leaving it that way. Then I decided to refine it and add the details, which I absolutely love to do! I painted this from photos I took last week of Nubbin's Slough.

Thanks for looking!

This painting has been altered, please see "Sunset Rocks" on 12-5-11 for updated version. Added an angel and birds. ( Interesting : the photography here is done in cool, outdoor lighting, the photography on the updated painting is done indoors with warmer light.....quite a big difference.)

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