Friday, July 19, 2019

A Crab's Life, rocks and waves, mixed media

"A Crabs Life"

This is a take off from a painting I did years ago at the Bathtub Beach in Stuart, Florida.  It is part of my new series of mixed media art.  I zoomed in and abstracted it a little compared to the first painting ("Rock and Roll").

I used the large aquarium stones this time, with beads that catch the light at different angles. I painted a little crab in the rocks, which was totally spontaneous.  It made me laugh when I put the red beads on him for eyes.

The splash was built up in layers of paint.  I used more gel medium this time instead of the thick heavy gesso because the gel medium dries clear.  It also dries shiny, which was good for sparkle on the water.

9 x 12 inches
Mixed Media on hardboard
Wide Custom Frame (see below)

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