Friday, March 26, 2021

Seahorse, shoreline, mixed media, 3D painted plaque

Seahorse Seashore
42 x 6 inches

A friend of mine got this plaque for me, it was varnished wood.  I had to strip it, sand it, and prime it before I could even begin painting it!  It was well worth the time and energy!  Once I started painting the blues and teals I fell in love with it.  When I added the beads and shells and more details, I wasn't sure if I would be able to part with it!

The eye is made from a small shell that had a pinkish color to it and a cool spiral pattern on it.  I turned it so the shape of the shell curved up in the back, like the eye is looking down a little. I painted black around it and added black for the pupil. I added pearlescent shine just below the eye and some tiny beads. 

I love these shells for fins!

The tail has beads and a shell, but it needed more, so I added some shallow waves to tie it in with the rest of the seahorse.

Thanks for looking!

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