Monday, May 28, 2007

Big Lake? Plein Air, Daily Painting

"Big Lake?"

9 x12 inches
(ready to frame)
Acrylic on hardboard
Went down to the lake. I wanted to paint the pier, which has no water left under it at all. Last week it was a gorgeous array of new lime green grass, and bright yellow orange weeds. But now we have bull-dossers and front-end loaders all over the place. They are digging up all of the muck, and dredging out the area. It was heartbreaking! This is usually a beautiful wetland with alligators, ducks, and all kinds of birds. Now we have heavy equipment instead of wildlife.
So I went back and did this same cypress tree that I painted last December. You can really see how the water in the boat channel is almost gone. It just looks like a little stream now. Just past it is what used to be under water. Now we have grass, shrubs, and young trees starting to take over.
(See below for comparison.)
I am currently doing a series of these historical paintings of the drought.

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