Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mural in progress, horses, butterflies, angels and a bunny!

I moved the front legs farther to the left and made the neck a little shorter to give Rachel's horse better proportions. (See the image below for a comparison). I am close to getting the left side done. The sky goes across the top of the window, and the grass under the window is full of flowers and butterflies. Hard to get a good photo with the window glaring on the camera.

There is an angel in the sky above the oak tree, and a bunny in the grass, along with flowers and butterflies. Too cute! The edges will soften into the pink walls.

This is the first lay in. The colors are off a little and so are the proportions. There is an angel in the sky above the horse. Click on the image to see it closer.
This mural is 13 feet, not including the window!

This is the beginning of the right side. I think This is Rachel's Dad's horse. He is a buckskin.
I am enjoying this project. I go to the ranch house about three times a week all day. So my Daily Paintings are not getting done everyday for now. I will try to keep two or three new small works posted each week, so please keep checking back!
This is the first of 3 murals.

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blh said...

An extremely lucky child will get to live in this room, Fawn! In fact, I would not mind living in it, myself!

Lori McNamara said...

Its looking super Fawn! What a huge job!

Fawn said...

My body sure is telling me what a huge job it is! I have found muscles I didn't know I had . . . LOL!

Thanks, I wouldn't mind living in it either!


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