Saturday, November 08, 2008

Down the Road Again, palette knife painting

"Down the Road Again"
6 x 6 inches
Acrylic on hardboard

This is a fun little painting. I put a hawk hiding in the tree just right of the center. (Click on the image for zoom.) He has been hanging out around my house for about two weeks now. He has been on my fence, on my porch, on my shed, and by my car . . . today he was in a little tree singing (if you can call it that) for an hour! He looks young, has a white patch above one eye but not above the other. Very odd looking. He is large too, and has startled me several times. He doesn't fly away and is not afraid of me. I got some cool pictures of him today, so I hope to paint a close up of him as soon as I get some extended time. That has not been easy lately.
Thanks for looking!

Thanks for looking!

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