Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Returning Thanks, wildlife art, blue heron


I did around ten of these runny and drippy paintings.  They are done with acrylics on canvas, at a standing easel, so all the paint runs down.  It's a messy and fast application of layers of paint. Then I add the details over that once it is dry, so the contrast of warm and cool colors is played up against the contrasting thin against thick paint.  It has to be sealed with a few coats of clear sealer because the integrity of the paint has been jeopardized.  

Just made this older painting available in prints and cards. You can order what ever size you want.

Media: acrylic on canvas
Size: 30 x 40  inches 

Click here for info and prices of prints or cards of this painting.

Click here to see my gallery pages!

Email me at: fmcneillbarr@gmail.com for information about having a custom painting created. 


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