Monday, July 19, 2021

Rough Shore, sand dunes, waves, mixed media

"Rough Shore"
" this world you will have trouble... Take heart,
 I have overcome the world!" 
 (Jesus) John 16:33

 Learned how hard it can be to undo things that have been adhered with modeling paste while working on this painting off and on for the last couple of years!  It certainly is not easy to change my mind once it has dried.  (This was one of my early experiments with mixed media.)

 I started it just before I closed my gallery and teaching center because of the pandemic.  Worked on it several times, but I struggled to resolve the texture issues that are left behind when you remove items that aren't working.

I wanted to contrast smooth areas (created with a brush) with thick areas (built up with a palette knife).  I was after the effect of waves crashing against rocks near the shore.  This proved to be quite a mess at first.  Needed to resolve texture issues and correct the size and placement of waves coming onto the shore. 

Then I got to have some fun and add the sea-glass, beads, shells, and aquarium stones.  I framed it in this lovely textured frame, which compliments the whole effect I was trying for.  

About this painting:
11 x 14 inches
Mixed media on hardboard
Textured custom frame (see below)
$250.00 (free shipping in the USA)

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Thanks for looking!