Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Peppys Picasso, animal portrait


Finally finished up this painting, which I started before I had to have major surgery. Had a month of being in bed, and then trying to re-open my gallery, so it has been one of those things that I kept working on in between everything else. It really turned out nice, however. 
Peppy is a two time world champion in the western reining events. He has won other honors as well.  He is a magnificent horse. I think I have done justice to him.

Just before Christmas, my appendix ruptured and encapsulated my ovary.  I went around for over two weeks with pain, thinking It was my ovary. I was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor and cysts, which are common. My ovary was swollen to the size of an orange because all the poisons went into my female organs.  Needless to say, when they went in to take out the tumor they found a mess! A large sticky ball of goo instead of a tumor.  They took out everything. Ended up with a hysterectomy and an appendectomy, and they cleaned out all the poisons.  I am fortunate to be alive, as often the toxins kill people.  I am two months into recovery, and still battle the pain from it, although it is not nearly as severe.

(Click here to read more about the new studio and the cool dreams I had just before my appendix ruptured.)

I thank the Lord for giving me a new lease on life, and I look forward to what he has for me next!

Media: Acrylic on hardboard
Size: 18 x 24 inches


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