Monday, February 08, 2021

Transparent Shore, small wave

"Transparent Shore"

Just finished this one! It is a take off from "Invitational" (see below), but this is much smaller.  Also, I experimented with painting it on a royal blue mat.  I primed the matboard with a clear primer so I could use the deep blue for some of the shadows.  I used the acrylic paint in glazes to get some interesting layers of colors. Then I used the paint thicker for a more opaque and solid effect in the sand area.  I added the foam and splash last to give it more movement and contrast.  I sealed the whole painting with professional grade semi-gloss acrylic sealer.

This small painting took longer than most, but I enjoyed it immensely!

Acrylic on mat board
Ready to frame (should be framed behind glass)
8 x 10 inches (including mat)
$125.00 (Free shipping in the US)

Please email me at for availability, thank you!

A note about framing: Artwork on paper should be framed behind glass with a mat around it to keep it off of the glass and protect it.  This includes photographs and prints on paper.  Artwork on canvas or wood should not be framed behind glass.  Original oils and acrylics are usually done on canvas or wood and need to breath.  If they are done on paper or matboard they should be framed behind glass with a mat to keep them off of the glass. (Glass can trap moisture and ruin the artwork.) 

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"Invitational" © 2020
12 x 24 inches
Acrylic on canvas

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