Thursday, March 30, 2023

Set in Stone 2, flowers in a stone planter, mixed media

"Set in Stone, 2"
© Fawn McNeill 2020

Close-up view in warm lighting.

Flowers jumping off the page! Literally!  This is a wonderful combination of color, pattern, and elements.  It is like a song with a beautiful melody.  Even the colors harmonize. Very few compositions come together so well, but this was the second one. The first was a learning experiment, and it was almost as lovely! 

I created this just after closing my gallery from the pandemic, and now it is framed in a wonderful gold frame that sets it off more than I could have hoped for!

Some of the flowers are actually charms that created nice cast shadows. This gives an extra emphasis on the painted shadows. Other flowers have beads in the middle that catch the light as you view the painting from different angles.

If you can't tell I am very partial to this piece!

~ Exclusive Art
~ Original Mixed Media on Hardboard
~ Professional Materials
~ 11 x 14 inches
~ Elaborate Gold Frame (see below)
~ $575.00 (Free Shipping in the US)

Sale pending

Email me for availability at

Cool lighting

Warm lighting

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