Sunday, April 02, 2023

Heaven's Glory, Jesus, lion, lamb

"Heaven's Glory"
© Fawn McNeill 2021

I'm not sure how to explain this painting.  I added so much symbolism but had so much uncertainty all at once as I created it. 

Jesus is called the Lion of Judea in the scriptures, and he is also called the Lamb of God. (He was the final sacrifice, the only sinless person, spotless.  Yet he willingly took our sin.  The sacrificed lambs were innocent and carried the sins of the people away each year.)

 Anyway, I was practicing for a large worship painting that I was going to do on stage in front of a large crowd.  But that never happened and this painting was put aside.  I was so disappointed, and I was not sure if it was finished, but I didn't want to change it because it was such a sacred experience while creating it. 

The colors were spontaneous. It made total sense as I moved through the spectrum of energy and light.  I have not altered it. 

I just wanted to share it.  

Blessings to you for Resurrection Sunday!

~ Inspirational Art
~ Original Acrylic
~ 18 x 24 inches
~ Not for sale

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