Friday, June 16, 2023

Sugar, white cat, mixed media

©Fawn McNeill, Dec. 2018

Beautifully strange colored eyes. Sugar made herself at home under my gallery in the spring of 2018.  My students loved her and called her Snowflake.  She would dash in each time the door opened. 

 I felt sorry for her and fed her because she was so skinny and nursing three kittens.  She looked like a kitten herself!  I'm sure it was her first litter.  She was wild and skittish, but she warmed up to us a little.  We found homes for her kittens and I had her fixed. 

I created this painting for my students as an example for one of our classes.  We made the eyes bigger than normal and played up the fluffy fur.  It was a fun class!  

White is a challenge for young students because they don't want to add shadows.  (The cat had to be painted light blue, beige, and pink before the white was added over the top so the fur would show up.) 

Later, I went back and added more details and a few beads above her eye and one on the collar.  It was one of the first in my new mixed-media series and I wasn't too sure how much to add or whether I would like it or not.  The custom blue frame was a perfect match!

I'm not sure why it never got posted. I had it on display at some shows as 'not for sale' and then finally put a price on it at the Unique Boutique when I started selling some of my mixed-media pieces. I think subconsciously that I just wanted to keep it. I've enjoyed the memories it carries of my little gallery and teaching center before the pandemic shut it all down.

~ Original Mixed Media
~ Acrylic on canvas
~ Professional Materials
~ 11 x 14 inches 
~ Custom frame (see below)
~ $550.00 (free shipping in the US)

Email me:  for availability or for information about having your pet's portrait created in a size you would like! (Custom paintings are priced by size.) 

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