Saturday, January 20, 2024

Take the High Road Home, winter landscape

 "Take the High Road Home"
8 x10 inches

This was created completely from memory.  I made it up as I went along.  

I loved the snow when I was young, but now I'm quite content to live in the mild winters of Florida!

I've been working on this little painting since last month.  I have to rest my right hand, but my left hand just doesn't do as good of a job.  I started this painting with my left hand. I actually created a great deal of it with my off-hand. But not the details.  My left-hand cramps and is not used to the motion of the strokes, so it is slow and cumbersome.

My dominant hand, my right hand, has been in a brace for 5 months.  The wrist is still tender and swollen. The pain runs up to my fingers and down to my elbow.  The tendon from my thumb to my wrist had a couple of small tears, and my wrist and hand had five cists.  I went through two rounds of steroids (pills) and one round of antibiotics. 

The doctor wanted me to come in for steroid shots in my wrist, but I chickened out and did not go back.  

Overall, I am better: I can do more with less pain, but things take longer.  I am careful not to stress it. I also wear my brace (which immobilizes my thumb) if I am doing anything that requires lifting or pulling.  When I forget, it sure lets me know!

I have several small paintings in progress, but I am not pushing myself to get them done. 


~ Original Art
~ Acrylic on Canvas
~ Professional Materials
~ 8 x 10 inches
~ Ready to frame

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