Sunday, January 20, 2008

War Paint Abstract

"War Paint Abstract"
8 x 10 inches
Acrylic on hardboard
(ready to frame)

This is my palette from the war paint orchids. Before I completely mucked up the whole palette I stopped using it and started a new one so this one would keep the colors of the orchids. I thought it would make a nice painting on its own!
I used Acra Violet and Acra Crimson, as well as Cadmium Red Medium. Next, I used Cadmium Yellow Light and Cadmium Yellow Medium along with Phthalo Green and Green Deep Permanent. I also used Ultrmarine Blue and of course white.
I used a brush to apply the paint to the canvas so in some places the colors got lost. Before it dried I used my palette knife to finish up the edges and join the colors where there were blank spaces. so besides being used as a palette it then also becomes a new painting. This is a fun way to experiment with color.

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