Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Schoolroom Mural

"Schoolroom Mural"

The orbs of light are in different locations on each photo I took, sometimes large and sometimes small. I have seen this before, in photos I have taken at church, so it thrills me to think the angels have been with us while we worked on this mural!

This is the mural that my students have been working on the past month or two. (Rebekah is 13 and Rachel is 8.) Luke, who is 3 years old, painted the little yellow flower off to the right of the tree while I guided his hand. This mural is in the home school room/ play room. While I have been painting murals on their bedroom walls, the kids have been coming out for a couple of hours once or twice a week. I have enjoyed this project tremendously.
They came up with the ideas, and the colors! Some of the apples have family member's names on them-- creating a very unique family tree. I have been helping them when things get a little too far off, and to clean up any mistakes. Don't you think they have done a great job making this room so colorful?

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