Saturday, February 01, 2020

Timeless Moments, sunset beach, seashells

Timeless Moments
"His mercy endures forever." Psalm 136

Finished this painting a few months ago.  I haven't posted anything here in a long time. 

This painting is full of thick impasto layers. I also added actual seashells, sea glass, sand dollars, and two hand sculpted clay items (a turtle in the foam, and a starfish on the shore.)  The clay items are a new element. I truly enjoyed creating them and painting them after adhering them to the canvas.  I'm using paper clay, which is clay with paper fibers added to make it stronger.  It is a lightweight clay and is something I want to explore further.

I was going through some personal issues when I painted this and thought about how somethings seem to transcend time. Some memories are as fresh as yesterday even though they happened years ago! Some things can happen in no time and seem like forever.  This led to the concept that we make time, it is in us and not just something that happens to us.  We choose to enjoy it, use it wisely, or do nothing with it.  So all of that is  flowing through this painting as the woman contemplates the vastness of it all.

I hid an angel in the sky, but not in the clouds per say, it is in reverse. The blue of the sky is in the shape of an angel by the clouds around it.  Makes it harder to find, but I wanted to make it bigger than the small ones I usually paint in the clouds.

24 x 36 inches
Mixed media
Elaborate custom frame (see below)

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