Saturday, January 16, 2021

Morning Flight, angel, knife painting

"Morning Flight"

This was a demonstration for a video lesson, but the video cut off during the session and I didn't know it. I did the whole thing thinking I was still recording!  LOL.  I went ahead and did another demo knife painting with the angel facing the other way, which recorded fine. I think this one turned out better, so I framed it up first. 

 I like the transparency of the angel and the soft colors. I also like the way the bottom could be sky or water.  Palette knife paintings lend themselves to abstract qualities which leaves room for the imagination. It is also fun to load up thick amounts of paint and smear it all together.

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Original Art
Acrylic knife painting
11 x14 inches 
Ready to frame
$220.00  (free shipping in US)

Email me:  for availability or for information about having something similar created!   
Price list by size.


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