Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brunch 2, egrets, heron, Daily Painting, Wildlife art by Fawn

"Brunch 2"
5 x 7 inches
Acrylic on hardboard


This is actually the fourth in this series, The first one was done last January! ("Breakfast")

The second one ("Brunch") is on special at eBay (see the side-bar). The third painting is called "Early Birds." they are all from Lake Okeechobee with this similar theme and color scheme.

I watched this great blue heron try to swallow a very large catfish. It took him almost half an hour. I got lots of great pictures. He would toss it up and turn it a certain way and try again and again. He would hold it in the water sometimes and then toss his head up again. I really thought he would have to let it go, but he finally swallowed it! Click on the image to see it closer.

This is painted alla prima, or all at once. This creates a nice wet-in-wet effect with thick impressionistic brush work. I love this technique. Usually I end up letting a painting dry and working over it to make final adjustments, but when they turn out like this it is very exciting. I will leave this one as is.

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