Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fawn McNeill's Studio

This is where I spend most of my time! The top view shows almost the whole studio. There is a large framing table just out of the picture to the right. I teach semi-private lessons at the drafting table and the craft table. My easel is in the far left corner.
http://www.dailypainters.com is posting studio tours tomorrow. It will be fun to get a peek at some artist's working space.
I have placed a large mirror on the right side of my studio that is at the perfect angle to my easel, so I can stand back and see the painting in reverse. That helps me see anything that needs to be corrected. (When you look at something for a long time it is good to see it at a different angle, up-side-down, sideways or reversed, then you can see the how the painting looks as a whole.)
I have large windows on the north side, so the lighting is usually very nice. There is also track lighting along the top left ceiling, as well as regular lighting and a ceiling fan. The book case is built into the wall on the far right corner. I have a stereo system there where I play christian rock and contemporary worship music as I paint. Positive, upbeat music makes for great painting sessions!
The doorway on the left is a storage room. The entrance to the studio is out of the picture at the closest left corner, and there is an entrance/exit that goes outside just opposite of it -- in the closest right corner on this side of the framing table.
I am very proud of this studio as I designed it myself. When we built our house two years ago, I had the dividing wall left out of these two rooms. My studio is located downstairs next to the garage and the laundry room. (Which is perfect, because I can take a break from painting and do some laundry and then go back to painting.)
The living area of the house is upstairs. That is the hard part! I am getting used to lugging groceries and such upstairs, but for a long time I had to take breaks in between trips!
I am pleased to say that I have been making almost as much $ as I did working a full time job! Not including the benefits of course, but the benefits of being at home doing what I love to do, and having time with my husband, far out way the stressful life of an art teacher in the public school system! I thank God everyday for this opportunity and for all of the support my friends, family, and clients have given me!