Saturday, October 10, 2020

Shoreline Treasures, mixed media, beach scene

 "Shoreline Treasures"
10 x10 inches
Mixed Media on Cradled Hardboard

This painting is actually done on the wrong side!  I flipped it over and primed the back so I could use the cradled edge as the frame.  I gave the '"frame" a faux finish to create the illusion of woodgrain. 
This is probably the longest I have ever stuck with a series.  It is endless.  Each painting sparks a new idea, or a new experiment!  I think I will keep going with this theme for a while!

FYI: I use professional artist grade materials for priming, painting, adhering, and sealing my work.
This one has shells and beads added.  I like the way the light catches on the beads in the water, and how the shells really stand out on the beach.  

I would love to create a painting for you of your favorite place!  

I am accepting orders for custom paintings.  If you want something before Christmas we need to get started!  I need more than a month for larger paintings.  Early orders get a 20% discount!

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